Client Testimonials

The online bill pay is a dream! Thank you very much. We’re running ads next week to get more of the word out, so I imagine we’ll see a huge increase in traffic but it’s been well worth it already.
     – Heidi, Mountain View Pediatrics, Plattsburgh, NY                       

I love the site and keep liking it more as I use it, especially the back end admin section for the Boat Sales.
     –Bob, Treadwell Bay Marina & Resort, Plattsburgh, NY                

I like it very much. I believe that you have captured a lot of what I thought we discussed (even though I didn’t feel like I was very clear to begin with). The color scheme, layout, and presentation all seem to work very well (my wife thought so, too). I also like the logo.
     –Jeff, Scharf Construction, Malone, NY

We got our first order!  I just wanted to say thanks again for everything. It’s so nice to have the Website Payments up and running!
Steph, Delta Marketing Int’l, Plattsburgh, NY                                  

We get great feedback on our site! We point people there from all of our other ads. Our old website didn’t get much traffic, but Steve helped move us up in the search engines which makes it easier for people to find.  Steve and Suloff Designs have been great for my business. I highly recommend them!
Leroy Douglas, Douglas Resort, Silver Lake, NY                           

Great work, very professional looking and reasonably priced. Thanks

    – Kathy, Rego Properties, Chateaugay, NY                                          

Suloff Designs has been there every step of the way! From helping me through the first ideas of my site to consulting me on the latest trends, efficiency of design, and e-commerce, they have made a major impact in marketing my art. Having a web site has transformed the presentation of my business into a viable, professional and profitable one. I highly recommend Suloff Designs for your e-project, whether it’s creating a web site from scratch, redesigning your outdated site or adding elements that will increase efficiency and sales.

     – Kip Herring, Truth Seeker, St. Petersburg, Russia