COVID-19 Web Tips

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Important COVID-19 Web Tips

Suloff Designs clients & friends,

Reaching out this morning to let you know we are here to help during this unprecedented COVID-19 situation.  We’ve heard from many clients who are making quick changes to keep up with daily mandates and working hard to adapt and overcome.  Few business owners will be left unaffected by this situation, and we hope to give you a leg up in your response by sharing these proactive steps:

  • Assist your employees in their transition to work-from-home.  Be sure your employees can access office email on home computers or mobile devices, and utilize website editing, online meeting capabilities, etc.  Contact us if you need a hand getting things set up.
  • Use multiple channels to communicate changes to your business.  Many of you are experiencing temporary closure, change in service/delivery methods, cancellation of in-person meetings or changed operating hours.  Be sure to communicate these changes quickly to your customer base via your website, social media, Google My Business, blog, and email campaigns. And on the flip side, if you are operating normally, communicate that as well so customers do not assume closure.
  • Double check your Google My Business listing and make sure that operating hours are accurate.  This is the Google listing that pops up when a customer searches for your business. Due to COVID-19, there has been a delay in updating several features of Google My Business listings.  To work around this, also do a Google post announcing your hours changes. If you need help making edits, give us a call.
  • Don’t rely solely on social media.  Social media feeds are packed full with increased use, and your post is likely to be missed.  Consider more direct communication with your clients via an email campaign or blog post or other notification on your website.
  • Keep in touch with your customers by updating your blog or increasing frequency of posting. Maintain contact with your customer base (especially if you are closed). Inform them of changes to your business and offer tips or helpful information to assist them through this crisis. Link to your blog post on social media and in your email campaigns.  Try to drive all communication to your website to give it a permanent place of reference and to stay higher in search engine rankings.  If you are short on time to write blog content, we can help.
  • Especially if you are an “essential” business with increased demand, make sure that customers can find you on search engines.  Keep up with your SEO for search engine rankings, and consider a paid ad campaign if it fits your budget.  If you have immediate promotion needs (i.e. a new service or product or employment vacancies), a paid ad campaign can help get the word out to a target audience.
  • If your business will have frequent updates, consider placing a COVID-19 response banner at the top of your website to keep customers informed of changes.

We are operating normally, and will continue to keep you posted on web industry news and recommendations via our blogsocial media and this email list.  Please contact us if you need any other assistance with your COVID-19 response.

Thank you for your business and we look forward to working together to get through this.

Stay strong, keep innovating and be well,

Steve & Stef

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