Google Penguin Update Looming

By Steve on

While Google always holds its cards close when it comes to its search algorithm, Matt Cutts (who is in charge of Google’s webspam team) has announced in a recently released video that the company is looking to give special ranking boosts to sites that are authorities in a specific industry, community or space. Although Cutts doesn’t define how authority will be determined, one could speculate that the company’s social network, Google+, could be an influencer.

This scenario wouldn’t be that surprising, especially because Google has been incorporating its social network into a variety of its products, including its search engine and when you sign up for a new gmail account you are also signing up for a Google+ account, this has now been happining for a while now. So in the case that Google+ does indeed become a factor in determining authority, one question remains – How can a brand build authority on Google+?


  1. Grow Your Circles
  2. Post Great Content
  3. Use Communities and Hangouts
  4. Interact with your Audience
  5. Network with Other Brands
  6. Use the Google+ Page Badge
  7. Take Advantage of Authorship

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