Conversion Optimization

As you read this, new visitors are clicking through your website. How many will turn into leads or direct sales?  We can increase your conversion rates by:

  • Strengthening website relevancy to your visitors.
  • Improving & expanding calls-to-action.
  • Buildling customer trust by using on-page elements.

We Turn Traffic Into Sales And Leads

Conversion optimization is the process of increasing the percentage of visitors who become your next customers.

  • TRAFFIC ANALYSIS:  The process starts by examining the type and patterns of website traffic. By identifying patterns on each page, we can determine if visitors are landing there from intended sources.  For example, a search engine query about your products and services should not be landing on your home page.  Instead, every type of service or product offered by your company should have its own landing page.  This enables the user to immediately find items of interest and increases probability of taking action (like purchasing a product or requesting a quote).
  • MESSAGE ANALYSIS:  We check over content of every landing page to ensure that the message is clear and matches keyword searches that would bring users to the page. We also add supporting copy to supplement any assertions you make about your product or services and also build trust with the visitor.
  • CALLS TO ACTION:  We review the number of calls-to-action on each page to ensure that the user is not overwhelmed with too many.  We also examine whether the intent of the user likely matches the call to action on the page that they landed.
  • QUERIES:  To protect your time, we try to reduce the likelihood of unnecessary queries for information from users by streamlining their web experience.  Users are funneled into certain choices such as making a purchase or requesting services.
  • VISUAL DISTRACTIONS:  Too much going on can distract your customers away from your intentions or calls to action.  We seek to minimize visual and other distractions to keep your user’s visit pleasant and focused to your intended goal.