Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Worried about being invisible on search engines?  Pay-per click may be the perfect solution for you –  small initial investment, controlled budget and leveler playing field with larger company ads.  Additional benefits include:

  • Hot product and service keywords targeted immediately.
  • Existing demand for your products & services leveraged.
  • Cost limited to relevant traffic only.  Potential parameters include geography, days of the week, keywords, etc.
  • Reduce dead leads with well written ad copy.

PPC Gets Results!

Our pay-per click marketing strategies are designed  to increase qualified traffic to our clients’ websites while also generating higher conversions and conversion rates.

Keys to a successful Pay Per Click campaign

  • Selecting the proper keywords.
    The keywords you target (and pay for) must be specific to what you offer on your website. If you are a retailer, make sure that people who are looking for the products you sell are funneled directly to a page where they can buy.
  • Understanding cost before you start.
    If you are planning to spend $1000 on a Pay Per Click campaign, then make sure you will yield enough related sales to justify both the costs associated with the campaign which include ad costs as well as labor. The good news is that costs can be tightly controlled if you stick to a strict budget. For example, you could limit your campaign to $100 a day,and ads will stop being delivered as soon as you hit your daily maximum, resetting the next day. The numbers may not jive, however, if the product you are targeting is netting you less that the cost of the ad.  Spending $30 a day to sell on average $25 in product per day means that you could lose money in the long run.
  • Controlling the search experience.
    Getting your ad in front of the right audience is key.  However, another key element to PPM success is making the ad sufficiently informative, creative or entertaining to compel potential customers to click through to your site. Even so, landing on your site doesn’t guarantee that the customer will find what they’re looking for.  The ad’s destination, or landing page, is highly relevant to both the search terms and the expectations set up by the ad.
  • Using metrics to stay ahead of the curve.
    One of the biggest advantages to a Pay Per Click campaign is that you can immediately monitor your results.  A/B testing of advertisements, keywords and landing pages is easily facilitated for timely feedback and opportunity to adjust your strategy. Timely data gives you the chance to save money by quickly bailing from poorly performing campaigns or enhancing the ones that are getting solid results.

Enhanced Targeting with Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay Per Click advertising also offers great flexibility in terms of delivery. We will use the following PPC techniques to help you create your target audience:

Keyword targeting
This involves identifying and using words and terms that potential customers are likely to type into search engines as they are looking for products, services or businesses similar to your own.

  • Relevance: Keywords that you choose must be relevant to your company. Nothing irks a user more than being sent to a site that has nothing to do with their search. Even if the visitor leaves immediately, you’re still stuck paying for the click. The landing page for each PPC ad must be highly relevant to the search term.
  • Matching options: Several options exist for telling search engines how to bid on keywords.  Broad match keywords will generate results for your specific keywords but also narrow your targeting with phrase match and exact match.  For example, “web design” will generate results for “website design company,” but also “website design awards.”  Negative keywords will eliminate certain results.  For example, setting the negative keyword “jobs” with the broad match keyword “website design” will display your ad for  “website design company,” but not “website design jobs.”

Geographical targeting
If you wish to attract local customers, you can specify that your ad run only on results geared to your neighborhood, your city or your state.  For example, “albany doctor.”

PPC allows you to deliver ads only at peak times that offer higher probability of reaching potential clients and customers. If a product or service suddenly becomes unavailable, PPC also allows you to stop your campaign to prevent unnecessary charges incurred by irrelevant users clicking through to your site.