Form Development

Websites put your business messages out there, but also allow you to gather information from your customers.  Forms are how customers intact with your site to share their info.   Our creative form solutions:  

  • Add data gathering function to existing sites, even those designed by another developer.
  • Use databases to capture, manage and query form data.
  • Improve e-commerce transactions through easy to use form interfaces.

Forms have many different website applications from simple information gathering to processing e-commerce transactions. Regardless of your needs, we will work with you to ensure that your forms are accessibility compliant, able to be viewed by customers with varying computer resources and abilities. We will also secure your form to protect your customer’s personal information.

The simplest form collects information from the customer, then emails that information directly to your email address. A more advanced and secure form sends the information to a database where it can be collected and viewed, or downloaded to your computer.

Here are some common uses for forms:

  • Simple Request Form
  • E-Commerce Form
  • Bill Pay Forms
  • Quote Request
  • Donation Form
  • Reservations