Website Planning

We’re all about the 5 P’s:  “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.”  Before jumping into design and development, we research and prep extensively. Here’s how we’ll assist in guiding your venture:

  • For investors or management, build convincing rationale  that your web project is serious.
  • Accurately calculate project timeline, budget & other requirements.
  • Reduce headaches by making a game plan from project start forward with clear expectations for all parties.



  • Client Interviews:
    Nobody understands your business better than you. We listen as you describe your project needs, and provide prompts and follow up questions to gather necessary information to build your online strategy.
  • Visioning and Goals:
    We want to hear about your dreams and aspirations.  What do you hope to achieve with your business in upcoming years?  What role will your online strategy play in reaching those goals?
  • Industry & Competition Analysis:
    Armed with knowledge about what makes your individual business unique, we’ll research what others in your industry (including direct competitors) are doing, both online and offline, to promote and market their enterprises.


  • Identify features that are critical for the success of your website.  These might include shopping cart, splash page, email opt in, etc.
  • Draft a site map, or a list of potential website pages that will be accessible to crawlers or users.
  • Define technical requirements of your website such as e-commerce functionality, social media platforms, etc.
  • Determine how information architecture will be structured using technologies which might include content management systems, database structure and management, etc.


  • Create the wireframe, or the visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website.
  • Transform ideas discussed up until this point into visual imagery which might include a Photoshop mock up.
  • Pinpoint a clear idea of what the website will look like (in terms of structure) before the actual web development begins.