Website Redesign

Instant access to fresh information with one click.  This is what today’s web visitor expects.  Allowing your site to go stagnant with old content or become dysfunctional with outdated technology can be the kiss of internet death.  Stay neck and neck with your competition and piggy back on recent trends by considering a site redesign with us.

  • Jump start the process by creating a prioritized list of site elements that need updated.
  • Explore new design elements, content and features that should be included.
  • Formulate a redesign plan that meets both present and future needs.

As the web and its use in business continues to evolve at an amazing rate, it doesn’t take long for a site to become “outdated” and tired. Web surfers have high expectations when they visit a website. They seek sites where it’s easy to move around, that look “fresh,” and that include interactive components such as newsletter sign-ups, shopping carts, and other data seeking forms.  Society is becoming more web-driven each day with people turning to the internet for information and consumer & business to business transactions. It is common for websites to become bogged down over time with superfluous information, dead links, and confusing navigations leading ultimately to frustrated visitors. Also, as businesses grow and evolve, it is possible that the site has come to target the wrong audience over time.

If your website currently suffers from any of these afflictions, it may be time to consider a site redesign. We can help you assess your current site to determine changes that will best fit your current business model and also hit your intended target audience. Once we have decided on a new direction, we will move ahead with the re-design process. For examples of site redesigns completed by Suloff Designs, please see below.

Client responsibilities associated with site re-design include:

  1. Providing Suloff Designs staff with information about the old website including URL address, hosting server passwords, etc.
  2. Compiling new images and text that you would like added to the site.
  3. Working with your designer to enable any other features that you would like added.