Will the new TLD’s change how we use the web

By Steve on

domainsIf you thought it was hard picking the right domain now and whether you needed a .com, .net or .biz try adding what could be another 263 TLD’s to the equation.

The big question is with new TLD’s like .shop, . hotel, .blog and .contractors as well as many others (see full list) will this make it easier or harder for businesses to make the domain name decision.  Say a coffee shop named Placid Coffee is looking for a domain  will the go with placidcoffee.coffee or maybe placidcoffee.cafe but what about the good old placidcoffee.com, placidcoffee.net and placidcoffee.biz will they just get one of these or are they going to need to get all of them since no one knows how these will catch on.

Time will tell but if past trends are followed most businesses will end up needing to get many additional domains to protect their brands and ranking.

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